Please, do not hamper a young bird's life by picking it up, and taking it home with you. It is calling its parents to help them in locating it.
After fledgling from the nest, the parent birds will keep feeding it, and look out for it, until it will be able to look after itself.
And the reason you cannot see a parent is because of your own proxomity to the young bird. And while you are ebating if or not you should take the bird home, you keep the parent from giving it well needed nutrition in the form of a meal!


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Monday, December 19, 2011

Bird feeding stations.

Robin, Erithacus rubecella

Greenfinch, Chloris chloris.
2 Males

Pff. keeping that other male off MY food was hard work!

The Greenfinches are definitely very bossy on the feeders, these days
Male Chaffinch and Great Tit, Parus major

Coal Tit, Parus ater

Female House Sparrow, Passer domesticus( right)

Blackcap, Sylvia atriciapilla

My Duunock, Prunella modularis

Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs

Rook, Corvus frugilegus

Most of my Corvids(Rook, Jackdaws and Hooded Crows. Plus some Magpies) are not very happy with the new set-up at the kitchen feeding station. They have difficulty flying to and landing on the little mesh birdtable, almost tipping it over, where the pole not tied up.
Another, large, birdtable is supplying the Collared Doves, Streptopelia decaocto, the Blackbirds, Turdus merula. And anyone else who comes along.


  1. Great shots Yoke. I really like the feeder with the Black cap inside.

  2. nice set of birds there yoke! Blackcap is a nice winter visit


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