Please, do not hamper a young bird's life by picking it up, and taking it home with you. It is calling its parents to help them in locating it.
After fledgling from the nest, the parent birds will keep feeding it, and look out for it, until it will be able to look after itself.
And the reason you cannot see a parent is because of your own proxomity to the young bird. And while you are ebating if or not you should take the bird home, you keep the parent from giving it well needed nutrition in the form of a meal!


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Friday, October 7, 2011

One for the road

From the window in my workroom I have the perfect view on the birdbath. I love watching the birds there. It is just far enough so the Birds are not spooked by movement or reflection of the lens.
I will hang a feeder near the window too, I have just ordered a window feeder with the RSPB, and see how that will work. That would mean I won't get any work done of course!
Anyway here are a few birds;
House Sparrow, Passer domesticus. at the kitchendoor.

Just a last drink, dad..

Was that nice or what..

That was real nice. Wish I could just turn around, and have another sip before bed..

Oy! You are wasting time; off to bed with you.

I'm your dad, and I know what is best for you!

Great Tit, Parus major, looking for natural food (like invertebrates hiding under the capping of this -front-gardenwall. I've often seen Spiders and Insects hide under the overhang of the wall. Nice and dry when it is raining.)

Or perhaps I can find something in the grass. a sure sign that birds still search for natural food despite me feeding them!

A little grit we need as well.
Plus a little food from Yoke, of course.

Blue Tit, Parus caeruleus, at the kitchen window feeder.

Mr. or mrs. Robin, Erithacus rubecula

Mr. and Mrs. Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs


  1. Sweet pictures. I too find that the birds will still forage for the natural food even though the feeders are within reach. I'm happy to see this of course as they help get rid of lots of bugs.

  2. Thanks, Crow. The protein in bugs is huge. Which is why birds will use caterpillars to feed their chicks.
    Yet there are always people who will say the birds get lazy when we feed them throughout summer.
    Hibernating insects make good food in winter for the birds too.

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    Thanks for honestly relating your experiences and opinions and good luck to you.


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