Please, do not hamper a young bird's life by picking it up, and taking it home with you. It is calling its parents to help them in locating it.
After fledgling from the nest, the parent birds will keep feeding it, and look out for it, until it will be able to look after itself.
And the reason you cannot see a parent is because of your own proxomity to the young bird. And while you are ebating if or not you should take the bird home, you keep the parent from giving it well needed nutrition in the form of a meal!


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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Great Tit, Parus major

Dunnock, Prunella motacilla

Rook, Corvus frugilega

Jackdaw, Corvus monedula


  1. Great shots. I love those Rooks. We don't have them here.

  2. Wow, that pictures of the Rook is remarkable.

  3. Thanks, Crow;
    The Rooks look really good now, as they are in peak condition. These are males; the females are up at the nest in the Rookery. The females only feed very quickly in the estuary, right where they nest.

  4. Thanks, Bob; I wanted to capture the regal posture that the Rooks take on when sitting on the fence and looking over their domain.

  5. That rook loooks AWESOME!!


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