Please, do not hamper a young bird's life by picking it up, and taking it home with you. It is calling its parents to help them in locating it.
After fledgling from the nest, the parent birds will keep feeding it, and look out for it, until it will be able to look after itself.
And the reason you cannot see a parent is because of your own proxomity to the young bird. And while you are ebating if or not you should take the bird home, you keep the parent from giving it well needed nutrition in the form of a meal!


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Collared Doves becoming regulars in the garden.

Collared Doves, Streptopelia decaocto,
Cosy Doves.
The pair of Collared Doves, Streptopelia decaocto have become very regular visitors. They'll come to feed in the morning at about 11am; lunch is around 3pm, and following this we see them coming again at around 5pm.
They are behaving more and more like a couple of lovesick teens.

the first time when the pair arrived to feed properly in the planter, all the other birds, large and small, flew off immediately, and there was no movement at all. All life had ceased to exist suddenly.
The birds are slowly getting used to having these 2 large birds in the garden and in the feeding station. Most (esp. the little ones) will fly off as soon as they spot one of them on the fence.

The, the Blue and Coal, Tits, tried coming closer to where their suet shells are hanging. This shows that they are at last coming to terms with these new regulars.

Here's some photos of my new friends. I'm trying for another picture; I want to make one of the pair tail to tail. A bit like this, but more exact.
Almost had their position when they were just standing in the reflection of the fridge on the window! They'll get into that position again soon, I hope.

This Jackdaw takes a gamble at entering the planter, I love those typical Jackdaw white eyerings.

(have a look at how, for a moment they gaze at each other! In the human world that is.)

Anything down there?

Other birds in the garden;

Pied wagtail, Motacilla alba.

Blue Tit, Parus caeruleus

House Sparrow, Passer domesticus (female)

Great Tit, Parus major

Coal Tit, Parus ater.

Song Thrush, Turdus philomelos


  1. Collard Doves always seem very gentle don't they? Great pics Yoke.

  2. Thanks, Siobhan,

    Gentle and beautiful, as my hubby calls them. But indeed, they bring a certain calm over the garden when they're here. Perhaps more in my mind?

  3. I agree, there's something dignified and calm about them and their manner.
    I get a couple every now and then in my urban garden and I love it when they visit!

  4. Lately I've only had the one Collared Dove. It is cooing a lot for its mate, though. Hope to see them both again soon.
    Dignified Doves, I like that one, Siobhan!


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