Please, do not hamper a young bird's life by picking it up, and taking it home with you. It is calling its parents to help them in locating it.
After fledgling from the nest, the parent birds will keep feeding it, and look out for it, until it will be able to look after itself.
And the reason you cannot see a parent is because of your own proxomity to the young bird. And while you are ebating if or not you should take the bird home, you keep the parent from giving it well needed nutrition in the form of a meal!


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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swallows at my feet and in my hair, but what about my right to vote?

Early yesterday morning, I smiled when I spotted this gorgeous looking Blue Tit, which had taken advantage of the opportunity of a bath before breakfast. I hope that their brood has been successful. the proof is still to come when they come to bring the kids. (or not at all)
One of the three regular male House Sparrows is trying to woe one of the local ladies, as in the second picture.

Blue Tit, Parus caeruleus.

male House Sparrow, Passer domesticus.

female Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs.

After the UK citizens went to the pole yesterday, it was the turn of the Irish today. Last time I was only allowed to vote in the county council election. For some reason, they said that I needed to be an Irish citizen to vote for the EU Parliament. Never having heard such rubbish, I returned home, where I phoned the regional contact. He told me that there had indeed been made a mistake, and that I'd best register anew with Cork county council. This year I made sure that everything was in order, although I had not counted on receiving two polling cards (my maiden name is a double name, and in Holland married women only get a passport on their maiden name, not their married name.)
The school, next door serves as the village's polling centre, and I was anxious. The school's building had to grow with the fast growing population of the village, and last summer an extension was added. My interest was not so much in the extension; I wanted to see if I would be able to get inside. The entrance used to be a glass door, all level with the ground and would have been perfect, had the corridor behind it been wider. As it was, there was noroom for me to go in and turn right or left. This meant that I was unable to vote in here from 1994 when I first got my wheels.
I was always given my ballot papers outside the door, and this has never really been any problem before, but it makes you stand (sit) out from the rest when other villagers walk past and into the building.

The French doors' style entrance has been replaced by a smaller door, about 10cm above the ground. Behind it it has been opened up, into a kind of hallway, wide enough on all accounts to let someone in wheels turn left or right into one of the (class)rooms.
So it would have been perfect, hd there been a little (portable perhaps)ramp. For 10-15cm you don't need a big long ramp, yet it is too high for those using powered wheels. Isn't it ridiculous that in this age we, wheelers, are still confronted with these kind of obstacles? Unfortunately, it is very sad that even with building regulations, going back to about 1997, existing buildings often escape the rulebook when extensive work is being carried out.

Asking one of the other voters, if she could ask an official to come out, who then took my 2 cards and my passport with the proper names, to let him see which one he thought he should take.
It was not him however I saw come out again, but a different man, who approached me with the welcome words:

"You cannot vote here." In answer to my look of surprise, he continued while he took the book out, and started to read out:
"Under no circumstances should a ballotpaper be brought out of the polling station (or room or whatever, I was not listening, nor interested in the remaining text)

I tried my best in saying that Danny never had had any problem in letting me vote outside, and he even tried telling me that I had never voted here before! because Danny had been on the left hand side for anmd dealing with, Dunbeacon (other, south, side of the village) while he himself had always dealt with the village and this side. I cannot remember how many elections we've had since 1987, since we'd first moved into this village, but I have voted more than a few times here at the school.

Anyway, it was soon apparent that I'd make no progress with the guy and after taking my passport and unused polling cards, I turned first looked at my house, over the wall, behind the tall fence of the basketball cage, and then at the little football field behind the hall, the other building on the school yard.

I often talk about our local Swallows, and all those which skim above my garden and the ones which dash past my window. Youo see, it is not the river where they go and feed, as I always thought and said. It is this little field, a busy diner for Insects like flies first and then an equally busy restaurant for swallows and other birds mad about the Insect haven. The birds were calming me down, but what I really wanted was my camera. Despite the fact that I could see the window frame in which my camera sat waiting patiently for me, about 2metres from me, I still had to go around, first going down half the hill, before going up again to my house. Around 500m, or so. How easy life is when being a Crow, LOl!
Was back soon, intending also to photograph the relevant text, for when I start writing letters about this discrimination.
Not seeing any of the officials about, I was not going and sit here and wait and then to be humiliated again, so I decided against it.

Parking myself on the playground next to the field, I first observed the birds, and watched how they flew almost perfect figure eight, dipping down behind my back as they arrived from my garden, and from there they just skimmed above the grass, flying only just above the ground. It was impossible to see how they could possible feed, or at least forage, while they were flying, they never disrupted their flight! And it was not just a few Swallows performing this circus act for me, it was not easy counting them, with them flying in/off, but at one time I was able to see there were 8 birds flying the 8 at the same time. At the 2 single zeros, they would sometimes fly in pairs, then one would rise up just before the crossover of the 'zeros' and would keep on flying, only above the other one this time. It was almost looking like a courtship dance of some sort or another. It is a pity that only with elections I can get into the schoolyard in relative peace. At other times a chain blocks my way and at schooltimes, it is far too noisy.

here's a few pictures of those beautiful little birds

a little "wildflower and refuse bin garden? The hedgerow on the right has been fenced at the school side, but also along the other side where the factory is. I am not sure why it is done, but it serves the wildlife of course. Nowhere is it tight against the stems of the Hawthorn, which make up the predominant part of the hedgerow, and birds can move about freely too. It also means that they are not disturbed by footballs and other flying objects near schools and kids. I can see the Hawthor from my kitchenwindow, even though two layers of fencing have been put up between us.

And this Robin, smelling the suet in my planter, I think
Robin, Erithacus rubecula

And at last, the Swallows: the only way to take these was by almost continuously press the shutter. They were so incredibly fast. A pity that I am not good at taking pictures in flight.

Barn Swallows, Hirundo rustica.

The Europeans of the 15 member states are voting for their MEPs this week, all around the continent. On this
Barn Swallows, Hirundo rustica:

It was very strange to see them come up into the air so to speak, just in front of my feet. (too fast!) and I've had a few feet in my hair at several times. However I've got them flying into my hair on the road also sometimes, when they do this "dip" on the road.


  1. write to you councellor and your MP and complain that you were cheated of your democratic right!

    find out who the returning officer was and complain to them as well.

  2. meant to add. they may have a responsbility under EU law so write to your EU MP as well!!

  3. I think I start with the MEP, he's a wheelie himself, and I know him since 94,

    Thanks for the support, mate! and tips.

    Yes, I will find out about te returning officer, again. As I did in 2004. Forgotten his name, but I find him again.

    Ironically, one of the local council candidates is also a wheelie.

  4. I agree with what Pete says. This is terrible, so frustrating I'm sure. You must make lots of noise about the whole thing.
    Great photos.

  5. Thanks, Carol. Yes, I am busy letter writing! And noise I will make, don't worry.

    Yes, was lucky with my photos, They are such lovely little birds, and it was better than holding a Coal Tit in my hand!


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